Aires-Hill Farm

Vermont's 2018 Farm Of The Year

The First Generation

Franklin Thompson began milking cows on a 130-acre parcel of land abutting the Canadian border, little could he know that seven generations later, his Berkshire farm would still be operational — and thriving.

The Seventh Generation

Karie Thompson Atherton takes the reins of Aires-Hill Farms from her father Edward Orlyn Thompson and Uncle James Bryan Thompson.

Vermont’s Farm Of The Year

The award is presented annually by UVM Extension and the Vermont Dairy Industry Association (VDIA) in cooperation with the New England Green Pastures Program.

Bringing quality farm products to the community

With seven generations of experience and knowledge, Aires-Hill Farm has introduced it’s newest project, a farm to home creamery. People can count on farm fresh milk and dairy products and soon all natural meat products.

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